Simple security for Windows users…

If you are a Windows user, here’s how to obtain a modicum of computer security confidence:

Do not buy antivirus products…period.

Good protection from malware should be free, and it is….

If you use Windows, you need to do 2 things first and foremost:

1. Set updates to automatic

2. Install and run MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials)

Always look before you click on links.

Don’t “friend” or “like” everything on social networks…how many friends do you really have? And, who really cares if you “like” something?

Pay for software you need…don’t try to use keygens or cracks.

Don’t use IE, period (use Firefox, Opera, etc).

Even music files and movie files can be infected…download them from legitimate sources (don’t steal them).

Stay away from subscription-based pornography websites. There is plenty of porn on safe sites (

Google is not always safe….make sure you are clicking on exactly what you are looking for, and the link is legitimate.

If you do get infected with something, download and run Malwarebytes ( if you can.

Finally, and ultimately….

If you really need to do any of the above don’ts, get rid of Windows and install linux.


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