Russian Hacking Agit-Prop…More Propaganda for the Cold War Revival

Back on December 22nd, 2014, I wrote a piece called, “The Cold War Revival.” In it, I discuss the necessity of large corporate interests controlling the government to create agitation once again with Russia and other enemy states in order to gain the support of the people to funnel massive funds to the Military Industrial Complex. It’s a plausible tactic where the politicians of this country are sponsored by giant defense corporations. If they’re pulling out of active wars, but in desperate need to keep fueling the military industrial complex that signs their paychecks, they could cleverly revive the Cold War game plan. And, they have.

Recent “news” delivered by the MSM – who has wholly embraced the intelligentsia’s claims offered up by the CIA and now other 3-letter agencies – that a Russian state-sponsored hack of the DNC and the RNC had an effect in swaying the US’s election results, is patently absurd, and pure agit-prop. To date, there is absolutely no conclusive evidence that anything of the sort occurred. The Straw Man tactic has been employed again, and it appears to be working as usual.

The only reason to continually create new bad guys, or conjure up the old bad guys is to fill the coffers of corporate Department of Defense contractors who lobby the shit out of our government. THEY DON’T WORK FOR US. Our so-called government officials work for the money they get from corporate interests. And, they need those paychecks to keep coming in.

Now, I could go into the sexy details of what it takes to track down a real state-hacker (most of what the official rhetoric has to offer is juvenile and pedantic), but it’s pointless when you realize this has nothing to do with hacking. There is a bigger picture here people, and it’s emblazoned with a scarlet letter sewn into the very fabric of our willful unconsciousness. We need to wake the fuck up, and not accept this bullshit any longer.