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The Microsoft Cloud? Oh, the Humanity!

So, Microsoft, why are you running so many TV commercials about your grand, new “cloud” and how it effectively helps you ferret out criminals – hackers, identity thefts, and spammers?

Ummm, hello, Microsoft, your flawed, crapfestival architecture of an operating system is the real reason there ARE these cyber criminals – YOU created them. I have seen how a real cloud and its infrastructure works, and it resembles nothing to do with what you are doing. The Thin/Zero client architecture others are using, generally linux-based and open source, is a REAL secure system…not a fantasy based on the same old repackaged proprietary junk you think warrants extorting $$ from everyman.

Here’s the deal. ChromeOS (which is based on linux), linux distros, and even the MacOS are always far more secure than what you offer and always have been. And, they don’t need memory-sucking prophylactic applications running in the background to defend their OS’s against malware. You’re also feeling the hurt from what they have to offer now because their OS’s are as easy (if not easier) for end-users to operate and navigate – and their attendant applications (open source and free) rival anything that you have that you charge big bucks for. You are hanging on to unravelling threads at this point – your user-base is slipping away, and it’s completely obvious by the way that you are throwing mega $$ at these issues through pathetic, carpet-bombing, advertising campaigns. Grow the fuck up already. Apple saw the writing on the wall ages ago and threw out their entire OS in favor of a linux-based one. Microsoft, you are a dinosaur, and the asteroid with your name on it is coming.

Will Work for Real Security

I’ve stated in the past that I find little motivation to go back to work for any large corporate institution as a security analyst, and there is good reason for this. I care about real security. If a company is so mired with ancient IT standards, and still insists they need credentialed Microsoft (MS) administrators to protect their MS environment, I want no part of thmalware-antivirusat. It is not real security, it is pure theater and histrionics, period. If you are a forward thinking organization, and truly want to secure your assets, you won’t be employing people to “secure” Microsoft operating systems, you will employ someone to entirely re-architect your infrastructure so as to avoid endless hours of chasing malware phantoms on your desktops and servers. The cost to the companies who would do this security and infrastructure re-architecting would be far less than preserving their current models of prophylactic protection. And the costs of maintaining the new infrastructure would be drastically reduced.

Of course, the big subscription-based anti-virus companies don’t want this as it will certainly kill their cash-cow. And, the OS in question doesn’t want this because they don’t want change. If a company is truly serious about security, and they all should be, I will work for you. I will ensure your IT infrastructure is secured, but you can expect big changes in the way real security is done.